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(970) 497-6587

1302 Crawford Ave.

Delta, Co 81416

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Upcoming Events:   

  • The Dragon Unchained Festival & Faire, April 25-27 & May 2-4 2014 Delta, CO
  • Thunder Mountain Rendezvous, Father's Day Weekend, June 2014 Near McClure Pass
  • The Heroes' Harvest Festival & Faire, September 2014 Delta CO

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Greetings and Welcome!
Thunder Mountain Colorado Living History is a Non-Profit 501c3 historical, educational, restoration and re-enactment organization dedicated to the re-creation of historical and cultural events and locations by an association of re-enactment and preservation groups and guilds representing different historical, geographic and cultural groups to include but not be limited to:

A. The production of the “Dragon Unchain
ed Festival & Faire”

B. The production of the “Heroes’ Harvest Festival & Faire”

C. To produce classes for local schools, groups, the public and other organizations as requested, to include but not be limited to:

1.The daily life and tasks of a primitive village.
2.The daily life and workings of a Pirate Ship including how cannons were used and fired and the daily life of the average crew member.
3.The average day in the life of soldiers in the early, middle and late Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Colonial, Pirate and Fur Trade eras with demonstrations of combat and stage weapons use.
4.Historical music performances through vocal, instruments and dance.
5.Demonstrations of Royalty, Nobles, Knights and the history of Chivalry.
6.The historical methods of community and conservation and the application of those standards in the modern world.

D. To travel to, and participate in, other historical and educational events and festivals and to perform the above stated classes and demonstrations for the patrons of each.

E. To acquire and restore permanent sites for historical preservation and to offer ongoing living history for the purposes and classes stated above.
F. The Production of the "Thunder Mountain Rendezvous."

We are an alliance of independent groups and individuals with common goals and purposes.  We are dedicated to bringing history alive in Western Colorado and beyond!